Welcome to CoolBreeze Africa Refrigeration and Airconditioning.

CoolBreeze Africa Limited is a company established in the air conditioning and refrigeration service industry and  is located in NAIROBI.

CoolBreeze Africa LTD  team  endeavours  to adhere to a strict code of conduct that  states ‘’ perfection is a process you have  to  attain always’’.

We ensure  we provide the best solutions for our client’s challenges  and aspirations at an affordable price.


Refrigeration is a process of moving heat from a cold place to a warm place.

This is facilitated by a fluid (refrigerant) that attains different property states  when subjected to different physical conditions.

We at CoolBreeze Africa have Dedicated time and resources in learning the processes that make up refrigeration.

Over time we have dealt with some easy  and some not so easy challenges in our quest of getting solutions for our clients' refrigeration  needs.

Our refrigeration solutions range from; installation; maintenance; and repair of refrigeration systems

These solutions employs machines, parts and equipment that are highly reputable, affordable and are recommended  for achieving  the desired outcome.  

Air Conditioning

This is the removal of heat and mostly also humidity from a specific confined space.

Form residential to commercial spaces, air conditioning is applied to achieve a more  comfortable interior environment.

The following are some of the equipment that we have experience to work with in the air conditioning field;

Our services for Residential and commercial  include

1.Window units


These are placed in open windows on buildings

2. Split Systems

These come in two forms mini-split and central systems, both these systems have a distance separating the haet exchanger(evaporator) from the condensing unit.

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