Air Conditioning

This is the removal of heat and mostly also humidity from a specific confined space.

Form residential to commercial spaces, air conditioning is applied to achieve a more  comfortable interior environment.

The following are some of the equipment that we have experience to work with in the air conditioning field;

Our services for Residential and commercial  include

1.Window units


These are placed in open windows on buildings

2. Split Systems

These come in two forms mini-split and central systems, both these systems have a distance separating the haet exchanger(evaporator) from the condensing unit.

2a. mini-split systemsdaikin

Also called ductless  systems are solutions for cooling  a part of house. these are a good solution for areas were distributional ductwork (for a central air conditioning unit) is not feasible.


carrier.jpg2b. Central / Ducted Air Conditioning

Central (ducted) air conditioning gives a solution for  whole-house or large-commercial-space cooling.

portable3. Portable Units

These are easily transportable units and operate basically as evaporative or refrigerative.

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